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Mantra Sound Healing With Madhu Anziani

  • lumbini Buddhist Art Gallery 2177 Bancroft Way Berkeley, CA, 94720 United States (map)

Greetings Bay Area Friends and Family

Join us on a journey of sound healing with our dear brother Madhu.
Madhu is a sound healer extraordinaire who learned from the first-hand experience of being paralysed as a quadriplegic and used sound and energy healing to completely recover. He has also studied Jazz and World Music and went on to be certified in Sound, Voice, and Music Healing at CIIS. In his sessions he offers energy healing on an amethyst Crystal Biomat, using tuning forks tuned to sacred number ratios, as well as offering techniques and guidance for opening the healing power of the voice.

From the atoms that make up your body to the spiralling Milky Way galaxy, everything is an expression of vibration. Everything is sound. The perspective of sound healing states that when we experience some sort of dis-ease in the body, whether it's physical, emotional, or mental, we can say that something has gone out of harmony. What if we could just restore ourselves to the frequency of health and happiness? We can. All of us can use sound to activate a healing response and restore balance in the body.

Suggested Donation: $20 - $45