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Satsang & Kirtan with Guru Aama Radhika

We are overwhealed to once again welcome Guru Aama Radhika in the Bay Area. 

Join us for this very special night of Satsang and Kirta. She will lead us to a journey of understanding how to acknowledge, accept and activate our heart, the core, the centre. A remembrance of tremendous trust, empathy, gratitude, devotion, bliss and love.

Suggested Donation: $15 - $40 (sliding scale)
No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

About Guru Ama Radhika

For the past 2 decades, Guru Ama Radhika has dedicated and worked to help more than 1 million people in Nepal and abroad, with her simple efforts of kindness and unconditional giving. She believes that love and awakening are not a monetary phenomenon. That is why the Ashram she leads is completely free. Her simple vision is that every house must be a temple. A sacred place of mindfulness, gratitude and union. This requires some effort and momentum. Some compassion and awareness. Her vision for the world is to make every home a sanctuary, a temple, a place of awakening and worship without boundaries and division. Unconditional temple of humanity. 

The ashram is led, managed and coordinated by elderly mothers. Some of them have never gone to school and some have a collection of stories about the hardship in life. And some of the mothers are constrained in their own self-bubble. But as they are given the responsibility to lead and manage a collective effort, they can come out of their own prejudices and start making difference in their home and in the society. Guru Ama points out that educating a daughter or a mother is educating an entire family. Hence whenever she can she provides possibilities and opportunities for educating the daughters as well as the sons of poverty-stricken family and the families, from all over Nepal. This ensures that the family can come out of poverty, and can end some of the superstitious believe system still prevalent in many parts of Nepal. 

She explains three things are essential for a blissful and wholesome living: holistic education, holistic health and holistic lifestyle. She works together with various schools to make education a doorway to a compassionate and sustainable living.

She also works closely with different hospitals, doctors and nurses, shamans, social workers, and medicinal practitioners. From 4-5 AM in the morning to midnight in many cases, the ashram conducts various classes to ensure a holistic health and holistic life of an individual. No money is asked and no fees is involved. Everything is done in a spontaneous and compassionate way. If someone feels to donate, the amount is channelled to help someone else in need.

For more information about the ashram, please visit the following link: