Bodhisattva in the practice of generosity .

Bodhisattva in the practice of generosity .

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What is a bodhisattva?
A bodhisattva is a person, either human or divine (occasionally animal) who has abandoned all selfish concern and seeks only the ultimate liberation and happiness of all living beings. The bodhisattva understands that as long as he or she remains trapped in the cycle of birth and death (samsara) because of greed, anger and ignorance, there is no way that others can truly be helped. Therefore, driven by concern for the welfare of others, a bodhisattva pursues the spiritual path to Buddhahood, which involves:

the perfection of generosity—giving to others with the pure motivation to help them
the perfection of morality—avoiding all harm to others, and engaging in activities that benefit others
the perfection of patience—never giving way to anger, and accepting the harm perpetrated by others
the perfection of effort—persevering with enthusiastic efforts in all virtuous activities
the perfection of concentration—training the mind to hold its objects with a calm, clear mind free of all distraction
the perfection of wisdom/the realization of ultimate reality—seeing things as they actual are without the overlay of dualistic conceptual processes.
In Buddhist art, a bodhisattva may appear in divine form wearing crowns and jewels, as an ordinary human, or even as a animal. Avalokiteshvara is one of the most popular of the hundreds of bodhisattvas commonly depicted in Buddhist art. Many, like Avalokiteshvara, appear in a variety of distinct forms.

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